Vendor Information



This document provides detailed information for the show. Please be sure to read the entire manual. Click here to download.


Turning Stone Resort & Casino, LLC, a governmental instrumentality of the Oneida Indian Nation, requires exhibitors to provide evidence of insurance coverage in the form of a certificate of insurance at least 14 days prior to the event. The standard insurance limits required by Turning Stone are (1) comprehensive general liability insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 per occurrence, $2,000,000 aggregate for bodily injury and property damage; (2) worker’s compensation insurance equal to those amounts otherwise required by the State of New York.

Certificates shall name the “Oneida Indian Nation and its governmental instrumentalities, subsidiaries and affiliates” and “Kessler Promotions, Inc.” as additional insureds (both can be named on one certificate) and mailed to the following addresses:

Oneida Indian Nation, Legal Department – Insurance, 5218 Patrick Road, Verona, New York 13478

and Kessler Promotions, Inc. 449 Gravesville Road, Poland, NY 13431.

All vendors are required to provide a certificate of insurance to Kessler Promotions, Inc., and the Oneida Indian Nation no later than January 20th. In the event a vendor does not carry insurance, a waiver from this obligation must be submitted. The form is attached below, must be signed, and returned no later than January 20th. Insurance waivers will only be provided to vendors who do not carry insurance. Please feel free to contact Kessler Promotions or the Oneida Indian Nation if you have any questions or concerns. Questions for the Oneida Indian Nation should be directed to Jamie Stevens, Insurance Administrator (Telephone Number: 315-361-7607).

Please have your agent mail your certificate of insurance to both above addresses no later than Friday January 20th or email to, or fax to 1.866.710.9179. If you have already submitted, it THANK YOU!

Click here for Waiver form


If you will be collecting New York State Sales Tax during the Home Show at Turning Stone please follow the remittance instructions. If you will NOT be collecting tax, this does not pertain to you.

Pursuant to an agreement with the State of New York; every exhibitor and vendor that sells goods or services at the Event must be authorized by the Oneida Indian Nation Department of Taxation to collect and remit Oneida Indian sales tax to the Oneida Indian Nation on such sales in accordance with the rules of the Oneida Indian Nation Department of Taxation.

As a result of this agreement vendors and exhibitors who sell products on Oneida Indian Nation lands are not required to collect or remit sales or occupancy taxes to the State of New York.

If you will be selling directly during the show and collecting money, form (OST-808), Oneida Indian Nation Department of Taxation Sales and Use Tax Return must be completed and submitted with the tax money collected during the show no later than January 20, 2022. The Sales Tax Rate is 8.75%.  You will not have to submit taxes to New York State for this event. The (OST-808) form can be completed via Oneida Indian Nation’s online portal:

The Oneida Indian Nation Department of Taxation also requires exhibitors to complete form (ODT-17.1), Application for Exhibitors License and Certificate of Authority. This form must be completed and submitted at least 10 days prior to conducting business activity on Nation Land and can be found on the same portal as form (OST-808). We would like to have the applications completed as soon as possible.

Please visit Home Page – Oneida Indian Nation Tax Portal ( for addition information.

Any questions or concerns please contact the Oneida Indian Nation Department of Taxation at 315-366-9393 or Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

*NOTE: The application only needs to be completed by vendors that are required to collect and remit sales tax.


Vendors are responsible to provide their own furnishings (table, chairs, etc.) for the show. Additional Furnishings can be rented. If you require additional furnishings such as tables or chairs it is your responsibility to complete the equipment order form. 2023 rental form is located here.